Let your sketchbook become a playground for inspiration and the creation of unique illustrations amongst other creatives in the beautiful pacific northwest mountains.

AUGUST 20th & AUGUST 27th

August 20th seems ideal but once I see how many people are interested and everyone’s availabilities, I will choose what works best for the majority. (I would consider doing it on both Saturdays if there is real interest).

6 - 12 PEOPLE






Read the following sections well so that you can understand a little better what your next painting adventure consists of.

I am Juan, a passionate Spanish illustrator, creative from birth and known for my colorful watercolor compositions. After many years of experience and traveling the world, I would like to share my knowledge and skills with you during a watercolor workshop held in the very same mountains that welcomed me here when I first moved to BC five years ago.

I believe the best way to approach the creative process is with a playful attitude and an open mind. So, I have planned a workshop is for anyone interested in capturing a natural environment in watercolor form, in a natural environment, amongst friends.


During this workshop, I will share my step-by-step process for creating beautiful watercolor illustrations.

  • I will share my personal experiences and influences as an illustrator and provide tips on how you can face and find your own sources of inspiration.
  • I will introduce all the necessary materials for success in watercolor – paper types, brush selection, pencils, etc. Everything you need to get started and find your own rhythm.
  • We will create landscape sketches from the real views around us and experiment with different techniques to create non-conventional illustrations that are full of imagination.

This is not a conventional workshop – it is a way to have fun and meet people through art and nature…cooking together, exploring together, and experiencing the creative process together.


The workshop will occur during a small hiking trip amongst a small group of people in the Vancouver area (numbers to be confirmed but group 6 – 12 people). Squamish and Whistler areas will be considered as well.

– We’ll meet somewhere specific in Vancouver at 8.00 am. 

– We can look at how many cars we need and share the gas costs.


One Saturday in August 2022. Two different options.

August 20th or August 27th. 

August 20th seems ideal but once I see how many people are interested and everyone’s availabilities, I will choose what works best for the majority. (I would consider doing it on both Saturdays if there is real interest).

Leaving early Saturday morning and back in the afternoon. We spend all day together.


A good attitude and desire to have a good time

All materials are included, such as paper, a watercolor box, brushes, pencils…

You will feel better if you wear comfortable clothes & hiking shoes… because we will explore and don’t forget a hat. 

Oh, and whoever wants to bring a swimsuit we can take a refreshing dip…

Don’t forget to bring something to eat, even if you want we can share the food among all… I’m sure there will be delicious food…


I will supply all the art supplies and materials for the trip. 

I have a big dream! My passion is to teach….to share my skills, experience, and knowledge to the rest of the world…and since this type of workshop is a new idea, I have decided to make it by donation rather than charge for it. Your donation will help me as an artist to promote art and culture, pursue by dream, and cover the cost of materials. 

We will communicate via WhatsApp, a free messaging app available on ios and android.

If interested, please download the app and click the link below to access the group.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me at juanibanezteruel@gmail.com or +1 778 302 3362

Let loose and explore what happens when paint meets wet paper. Discover how to create contrast and tone in your pieces and truly have fun with the possibilities that watercolor can offer.

A little bit about me…

Juan is an illustrator from Spain living in Whistler. Three years ago he decided to leave his country with a backpack, watercolours, brushes and began to travel the world making his passion his profession.

The vividness of the colours and the subtlety of each ok his brushstrokes make him achieve a very personal style. You´ll find different techniques that highlight the look of each of his portraits. Scarce brushstrokes, full colour, in the right place make each of his works convey feelings beyond paper.

We cannot underestimate the value of his other passion and why five years ago he came to Whistler…¨Skiing¨. Passionate about this sport, he has been able to illustrate that feeling in a unique way. Works full of dynamism, detail and vibrancy that reflect the hidden spirit of all lovers of this sport.

Most of his work is created in watercolour but occasionally he mixed the traditional style that this technique contributes with the digital one wanting to evolve, always trying to adapt no new technologies.

He began painting at age five in his country and today his watercolours accompany him wherever he goes.

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